CTSCo Project

Glencore’s wholly-owned Carbon Transport and Storage Company (CTSCo) Project aims to demonstrate carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) on an industrial scale.

The CTSCo Project is focused on:

  • capturing CO2 from a coal-fired power station in Queensland
  • permanently storing the CO2 deep underground.

The project has the potential to:

  • store significant volumes of CO2 to reduce existing and future sources of industrial emissions
  • enable future industries including hydrogen production
  • contribute to Australian and Queensland Government climate and emission reduction goals
  • maintain and grow jobs in regional Queensland
  • improve energy security for the National Electricity Market.

About the project

The CTSCo Project is intended as a first step toward large-scale CCUS, with the potential for emissions from multiple generators and other industrial sources being captured and safely stored.

Learn about the CTSCo Project, including approval process, status, our partners, history and more.


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Why CCUS technology?

CCUS uses proven technology and is already happening around the world.