Our operations depend on and support Australian businesses. We value all our suppliers, vendors and partners including those based locally.

Buying locally

CTSCo's operations are largely located in rural and regional areas, generating economic and social benefits for the businesses and communities close to our sites.

International spend

We source key supplies outside the country that are generally not available from the Australian market.

However, our emphasis is on supporting Australian contractors and suppliers where possible.

Our approach to procurement

Suppliers must provide competitive products and services, and undergo pre-qualification.

Register your interest

If you are a supplier interested in working with Glencore's CTSCo Project, please:

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For more supplier information and answers to frequently asked supplier questions visit Glencore Australia's website.

Glencore Code of Conduct

Our suppliers must operate lawfully and provide safe, healthy and fair workplaces. We have zero tolerance for human rights violations and encourage environmentally sound business practices.

View our Code of Conduct, Supplier Standards and other relevant policies on

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